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DNA Lean Amino-XS 448g
DNA Lean Amino-XS 448g

DNA Lean Amino-XS 448g

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Product Code: DNA Lean Amino-XS 448g
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DNA Lean Amino-XS 448g

DNA lean® Amino-XS® is a state of the art advanced intra workout drink for maximum performance, specifically designed to be consumed during training. At the core of their unique Amino-XS® formula is a power packed 6 grams of BCAA's in a 4:1:1 ratio, providing the essential building blocks of muscle tissue. These BCAA's are then further backed up with 6 grams of essential amino amino acids; leaving no stone unturned to ensure maximum nitrogen retention.

Amino-XS® helps delay fatigue from the build up of lactic acid caused by intense exercise; better helping you to push past your previous personal best.

Amino-XS® aids peak muscle torque and sustained energy production via a combination of creatine monohydrate and Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid that help support the bio synthesis of ATP.

To further maximise the anabolic effects of Amino-XS®, we have added natural extracts of the herb rhodiola rosea; an"adaptogenic" herb that may help counter stress hormones.

Amino-XS® is one of the purest products on the market - PERIOD. Per serving you have 15.35 grams of ACTIVE ingredients. Each serving of Amino-XS® is 16 grams; making less than just 5% for flavourings and colourings. 

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